Thursday, August 3, 2017


Memories, sometimes I want to curl up inside my memories and close the door to the rest of the world. Ever sense the passing of my Dad I have been going through my memories of him like a scrapbook. Everyday another memory comes to mind. Like pages in a book I turn and remember another one and with bitter sweet sentiment I recall every detail of those cherished memories. 

At his wake among family and friends I found myself wanting to stay there and linger among the stories, among the laughs and the joyful tears, among the hugs we gave each other, the love and even the sadness. I felt him there with us in those moments and that was a feeling I didn't want to loose, a feeling I didn't want to be far from. So I wanted to stay among the faces of the people who bring that feeling to life by just being, just being who they are and who they were. If it were possible I would stay in that feeling forever, because in that feeling he is there. 

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