Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Beautiful Books

I was trolling through pintrest and came across a beautiful picture of some old books. I clicked on over to the tumblr where it came from and I was looking through, and it was all beautiful pictures of books and libraries. Huge public libraries, home libraries, book collections, antique books, new books and I found myself day dreaming about going to these places and getting lost in all the wonderful stories. Like a child my heart and mind was filled with the wonders and curiosities of far off places, imaginary worlds and fantastic adventures. That wonderful feeling when a story takes you over and you can see and feel it as if you are living it. On the sidebar of this tumblr were quotes from different authors and poets about the smell of the pages and the perfume of a book. This made me realize that a book is much more than pages of words. It's an experience that wraps your scenes and can be as real as you can imagine. I also realize I am not the only one who loves to get lost in a wonderful story. This post is dedicated to the beauty of books.The tumblr where I found this inspiration is called Breathing Books. Click on over and find some for yourself.   


I love to decorate with old books and if I'm lucky one day I will have a library
 filled with wonderful old books.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Starting Again

I have wiped the slate clean and deleted all of my old posts. I am redesigning the look and the overall content of my blog. I have always focused on writing posts that I thought everyone wanted to read and wording it how I thought they would want to hear it. But it always seemed to be uninteresting almost fake sounding. I could never figure out why when I sat down to write a post it was so difficult to think of what to write. It shouldn't be hard to write about beautiful vintage things. There beautiful and there vintage. Almost writes itself right. But it came out flat and boring no life in the words. I don't need to be an award winning novelist to write a post but with all the blogs out there I need to have something good to say. Something people want to read. Writing what I think everyone wants to read doesn't work for me so I am going to put myself in the words I write. I am wanting to step up my game when it comes to my photos as well. Enchanted Bella will still be a blog about vintage beauty, treasure hunting, junk finds, before and after makeovers and family fun but with a little more spice and a lot more heart (or vice versa). Wish me luck.